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Who We Are

We are a “one-stop shop” house moving company in Auckland for all matters relating to house and building removals. We buy houses, we sell houses, we move houses.

Our Approach

We feel its important that customers know exactly what is required in a house shift. We also guarantee our team will always answer their phones and will get back in touch with you almost immediately if you email or txt us. You are the customer and its important to us that you are responded to very quickly.

Our Motto

Our motto is “no surprises”. We guarantee that we will explain all the common pitfalls involved in house moving so that mistakes can be avoided and that the shift experience is as pleasant for you as it is for us!

Our Experience

Our team has many years experience in all aspects of house moving including selling and buying houses and moving them to various sites. Whether you are looking to sell us a house or buy a house from us we guarantee that we will “hold your hand” to understand the process all the way through.


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