Century-Old Villa Relocation: A Journey Through History

villa being relocated with forde brothers

Step into the story of an old villa’s big move—a story that’s all about keeping history alive. This isn’t just about moving a building; it’s about paying respect to the past, a dance of building and planning that’s got to be just right. Come along as we follow the path of a hundred-year-old villa as it makes its way through a bunch of tough spots and fancy footwork that’s all part of this huge job.

Starting the Big Move

Getting into the thick of moving a place with a lot of history isn’t just about knowing how to build stuff. It’s about giving a nod to what’s been before, really getting into the nitty-gritty, and most of all, making sure the heart of the place stays intact. We’ve come up against all sorts of bumps in the road, each with its own story. And this villa moving? Well, it’s made us think twice about how tricky and precise this kind of work can be.

Keeping the Past Safe: It’s Not Just About Moving

This job was set right in the middle of a busy spot, and it was no small thing. The aim was more than just moving; it was about keeping the villa’s old-school style safe while making sure we didn’t step on the toes of today’s rules. This villa wasn’t just any old place; it was like a keeper of stories, and it needed someone who knew their stuff to look after it right.


Digging into the Tough Stuff: What We Found

Every step of this job showed us something new and tricky:

  • Twists and Turns in the Building: This villa wasn’t your usual shape and had a lot of ground to cover, so moving it wasn’t straightforward. It needed some serious support inside, smart cutting, and a real understanding of its design.Not all relocation companies are capable of performing this type of relocation
  • Dealing with the Tall Parts: The villa was pretty lofty, a sign of its old-timey charm, which made things a bit complicated. We had to take the top part off carefully, making sure we kept its old-world look safe.We then reinforced and waterproofed it on-site. This process required careful coordination with weather conditions and involves high-altitude work, demanding additional time and expertise.
  • Making It Strong:With a job this big, we had to make sure the bottom part of the villa was strong enough to handle the trip without any trouble. By adding Steel Beam at the base for support, it prevented the center from collapsing during transport, avoiding damage to the structure.
  • Figuring Out the Route:Given the house’s size, coordinating additional heavy vehicles for on-site construction was necessary, which extended the site preparation time. The property was located on a corner near a roundabout, necessitating extra traffic management to ensure safety and smooth flow during work and transport.


Teaming Up to Save History

This wasn’t a job to do alone. It was all about working together with QM Development, sharing the same ideas about keeping history safe. QM and Forde Brothers share a solid, ongoing partnership in house relocation. Forde Brothers crafts detailed plans and is skilled in permit acquisition. Both maintain open, prompt communication, ensuring smooth project flow. We’re proud to be QM’s top choice for these endeavors.

Ready for What’s Next

The villa now sits within Forde Brothers‘ depot in Swanson, all set for the next chapter of its story. It still looks grand and is ready for new people to make it their own.

For anyone who loves a good historical story and wants to see how we preserve the past in the present, a visit to this villa is a must-see. It’s a piece of history that continues to thrive, albeit in a new location, ready for the next chapter of its era.