Key Considerations for Selling Second Hand Relocatable Homes in NZ


Forde Brothers, a reputable company with over 30 years of experience, specializes in the house inspecting, piling foundation, and moving of second hand relocatable homes in New Zealand (NZ). Our comprehensive range of services ensures a hassle-free experience for clients involved in property development, buying and selling second hand homes, moving and relocating houses.

In the context of high-density development in NZ, careful planning of demolition costs and construction timelines is crucial. Selling second hand relocatable homes has become a favorable alternative to complete demolition and new construction. At Forde Brothers, we prioritize proactive communication and address common concerns related to moving house in New Zealand, following the principle of “No Surprise.” Our goal is to ensure a seamless and satisfactory experience for all parties involved.


Perspective from Forde Brothers’ Team

A clear understanding of the entire house relocation process is vital for our clients.


Important Considerations for Selling a Home:


Feasibility of moving a home: Assessing access is key to determining if moving a second hand relocatable home in NZ is feasible. Factors such as driveway width for construction vehicles, sufficient space within the property for turning the house, and safe transportation clearance must be considered. Typically, construction vehicles used for moving house in New Zealand have a width of 3 meters, and a minimum clearance of 6 meters is required for safe transportation. If the driveway or width is insufficient, written agreements can be made with neighbors to temporarily utilize their space, including details on construction and responsibilities for fence or lawn repairs. In certain cases, the use of a crane may be necessary for lifting and transporting specific house parts, but due to expensive costs and permit applications, it may be a less feasible option.


Adequate preparation time for moving second hand relocatable homes in NZ:


The normal process of moving a house, from vacating it to moving it to Forde Brothers’ storage facility, typically takes 2-3 weeks (assuming no gas pipelines are present). Detailed preparations are required during this period. Homeowners should apply in advance for permanent disconnection of electricity and gas (if applicable). The process of applying for electricity disconnection and obtaining the completion report usually takes 10 working days. Homeowners with Vector Gas connections should prepare in advance as permanent disconnection of gas often takes 1-3 months. Prompt arrangements for asbestos survey should also be made, with test results usually available within a few working days. Subsequently, asbestos removal may take 1-2 weeks. Other tasks, including installing temporary safety construction fences and addressing obstacles like trees or hedges, require adequate time for arrangements. Forde Brothers’ carpentry team will reinforce or undertake necessary construction work on the house before moving. Although the preparation work may seem extensive, rest assured that our operations team will assist you throughout the process, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience.


Complexity of moving second hand relocatable homes construction: Single-story houses with timber piles and solid wood or board exteriors are most suitable for moving and transportation due to their ease of construction and lower costs. If your house is multi-story, split-level, has high ceilings, or features materials such as bricks, the feasibility of moving needs to be assessed based on your house’s specific characteristics. If you have doubts about the suitability of your house for moving, please contact Kyle for a free consultation and assessment.

moving second hand relocatable homes

Consultation Process for House Relocation

When inquiring about the feasibility of moving second hand relocatable homes in NZ, our team will first analyze the address on Google Maps to assess the house’s condition and determine suitable routes and transportation space.

If house relocation is deemed feasible, we will schedule an on-site visit to inspect the house’s structure and construction requirements. Once the desired relocation timeframe is confirmed, we will provide a quotation and contract on the same day, facilitating the preliminary planning and preparation for your development or land appreciation project.

Forde Brothers has a team of over 30 professionals specializing in house relocation, foundation construction, and carpentry in Auckland. We strictly adhere to safety protocols and professional procedures throughout the construction and foundation processes, ensuring our clients receive a reliable and secure moving house solution. For more information on our services related to the recycling and development of second hand relocatable homes in NZ, please contact us.