Navigating the Complexities of House Relocation: A Comprehensive Guide

case1: piece of land in the city that's 600 square meters investment building with forde brothers

Moving a whole house is a big deal in the world of buying and selling homes, but it’s something people don’t talk about much. If you own a house and are thinking about moving it, or if you work with houses, it’s super important to know all about how to move a house from one place to another. This guide will tell you all you need to know, from rules you have to follow to really tough problems that can pop up.

What’s House Moving All About?

Moving a house isn’t just picking it up and putting it down somewhere else. It’s a big job that involves lots of rules, like those about moving stuff on roads, and special things about the place where the house sits. Before you start, you need to really understand what you can and can’t do, and how to build things right. We’ll look at some stories of when people moved houses and what they learned.

Moving Houses in the Country vs. the City

If you’re moving a house in the countryside, it’s usually pretty simple. You have to plan how to get the house from one place to another, make sure it fits on the roads, and watch out for things like trees. But in the city, it’s a lot harder. You need to really think things through and have a good plan to deal with all the extra problems.

Case of Moving Houses

Case 1: The Fast Move

Imagine you have a piece of land in the city that’s 600 square meters. You want to keep the house that’s already there, get rid of some stuff you don’t need (like an old storage shed), and then bring in a new house to make the land worth more. It seems easy, but doing it is where the real work is. If you plan it right, including making a new way to get in, you could finish the whole thing in just three months.

case2: Forde Brothers move a house through park and shared driveway , get permits from the government.

Case 2: Getting Permission

The land has room for two more houses, which could boost its value. But access to the land can be complex. Sometimes the driveway isn’t the access point; instead, you go through public green space. To move a house this way, you need permits from the government. Each case requires a unique approach and careful planning. With the right effort, a tricky situation can lead to increased land value.

The landowner is savvy with Council planning. He did his homework before house hunting. With Forde Brothers‘ designers, he found two houses that would fit. Now, they’re working on planning and approvals. The project is expected to take 6-9 months.

case3: Forde Brothers work on-site, to tear down the garage and put in a small house to make more money from rent.

Case 3: Using Big Machines

The land has flood problems, so it’s not great for investment development right now. The owner wants to tear down the garage and put in a small house to make more money from rent.

They also have to deal with a shared driveway, which can be very difficult without the neighbor’s agreement. The owner wants to use a crane to move the house in, a common idea among Chinese customers. But this may have a lot of restrictions and cost a lot. Renting a crane can cost over $20,000, which is usually better for moving small houses. Plans for managing traffic could be over $5,000, and just talking to the Council costs another $5,000. Plus, there are other issues like where to put the crane and if it will get in the way of other buildings.

In the end, the homeowner thought about all the advice and costs and decided to go ahead.  Forde Brothers has begun work on-site, and the project is expected to take 6-8 months to complete.

Get Help from the Pros

Every time someone moves a house, it’s a different story. Some are easy, but others need help from people who have done it a lot. If you’re stuck or not sure what to do, getting help from an expert is a good idea. They can help you make your house-moving story a good one.

If you want to know more, you can talk to us. To learn even more about moving houses, you can call Mike  at 0275599386, and we can talk about it in detail.